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FINESSE has thrived through the years because of the quality and effectiveness of our paint pinstriping kits and automobile graphic products, by being sensitive to our customers needs and for our prompt and courteous service


Our tape works as a stencil: you simply apply the stencil...paint over it...and peel it off.

It leaves the cleanest, sharpest line on your vehicle. Nothing even comes close. No fuzzy edges and no edge build-up because the stencil material is so thin. It is also versatile; you can make bends, points, corners and do two-tone paint pinstriping with it.

3 easy steps


Step 1

Applying the Stencil Tape


Step 2

Painting over Stencil Tape


Step 3

Peeling off Stencil Tape

AS EASY AS 1,2,3!

Download a printable size chart HERE

Watch full length instructional video HERE on how to use The STRIPER on your automobile.

Tape for Fine Masking

The EDGE™ Tape for Fine Masking will give you razor sharp edges on your custom automotive paint jobs, two-tones, car panel repairs or on any smooth surface where you need a clean sharp edge line.

Pinstriping Paints

Our high quality auto pinstriping paints come in 4 oz. cans and are available in 21 different colors. They are high gloss and very opaque (doesn't "show through") enamels that are made for applying on painted surfaces without the need of sanding. You must clean the area to stripe with Prepsol or grease and wax remover.  All 21 colors can be easily mixed with each other to match any color interior. We recommend that you use Finesse Pinstriping Paint with The Striper ® stencil tape.

The FS-500 Professional Paint Pinstriping Kit

We pay the freight if you order this Kit

Included in this kit:

  1. Six different 42 foot rolls of The Striper ® automotive stencil tape (F-4, F-6, F-16, F-21, F-25) to match the most common pinstriping sizes.
  2. Five 4 oz. cans of Finesse Pinstriping Paint. The most popular colors out of our 21 (White, Imitation Gold, Red, Navy Blue, Black). They are high gloss enamel paints for vehicles which are intermixable for color matching.
  3. High quality camel hair pinstriping brush.
  4. Brush oil to keep brush soft and workable.
  5. Complete instructions, including how to make bends, points, corners and two-tone pinstriping.
  6. Size chart to help you match the size you need.
  7. Price would be $111.11 if components were purchased separately (close to a 20% discount)! As an added incentive we will pay the freight if you order the Pinstriping Kit or any order that contains this kit.